Coffee and Yoga

Coffee and yoga:  the energy boost you need for your body and soul

by Haunted Grounds Contributor: Daniela Di Francia


Coffee, after water, is the second most consumed drink in the world. Its unparalleled flavor and exciting effect have conquered the palate of millions of people. Until a few decades ago it was thought that consuming this drink caused serious side effects due to caffeine, but today we know that drinking coffee is good if consumed in moderation. Besides that, there is still a lot to learn about this precious ancient drink! For example, did you know that coffee and yoga have a lot in common and that together they can be the perfect watch to help you reconnect with yourself in many different ways? Read this article and learn more about it!

Coffee and Yoga improve energy levels and stimulate certain brain functions

Thanks to caffeine, the most known psychoactive substance in the world, coffee can help you feel less tired and thus increase energy levels. Being able to block the action of an inhibitory neurotransmitter called adenosine, caffeine promotes the action of other neurotransmitters with an energizing effect. Drinking coffee right before jumping on your mat and practicing yoga will boost this effect even more making you feel even more energized and ready to rock your day!

Coffee and Yoga help increase metabolism and burn fat

Yoga can help you losing fat and embracing a new powerful and healthier version of yourself. But did you know that caffeine is found in almost all slimming and fat-burning products? Being able to stimulate the nervous system, then, caffeine can also induce the sending of signals to the fat cells to burn fat reserves so when you combine coffee and yoga you can work on your body from different levels.

Coffee and Yoga for better focus and balance

This is probably the best known property of coffee which has always been the "push" for those who have to work or study for several hours as one of the main properties of caffeine is to have a stimulating effect on the brain, helping to increase concentration and performance. The combination of coffee and yoga can definitely boost this effects as yoga can help you feel more present, more connected and more able to manage stress and emotions in a balanced and straight to the point mentality.

Coffee and Yoga: a little ritual for yourself

Having some me time is so important to create a healthy balanced mindset and to face our everyday life in a positive way. Waking up early, preparing your cup of coffee and then unrolling the mat to do some yoga is the perfect chance to reconnect with yourself, saving some time for yourself and practice some well-deserved self-care.

Are you looking for the perfect coffee blend to start your day with the right foot? Do you want to add some coffee to your yoga practice to combine and boost their effects and benefits? Choose your favorite blend and let us be part of your journey into health, fitness and happiness!