About Us


I love all things coffee! To be fair, I love all things coffee flavored. For me the perfect coffee drink is a bowl of coffee ice-cream. I've often said that I like my coffee with chocolate, whipped cream, sprinkles, and maybe a sparkler! So, I drink fancy coffee, but I am not a fancy coffee drinker--not an aficionado of the bean.

Then, why start a coffee company? That is an excellent question! I am also passionate about small businesses and entrepreneurs. (I also run a small-batch soy candle company when it's not the temperature of the sun out in Florida) Oh and also Halloween. I am a man with many passions! The result thus far is Haunted Grounds Coffee. A delightful Halloween life-style brand featuring amazing gourmet quality coffee roasted and ground fresh and sent to your door. My testers assure me it is great coffee! And I like supporting the work of our amazing roasters. 

Thanks for taking the time to check us out! I hope Haunted Grounds Coffee can become your coffee or choice!


Rob O'Brien


cappuccino coffee swirls